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We are now starting our fouth Unit of Inquiry. Remember, we are going to learn about the role all living beings play in sustaining healthy living environments... we humans are part of this too!

We are starting the unit of inquiry Biodiversity.

We will be thinking about how important is to take care of our natural environment and the importance all living beings have for life and balance our planet.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Position of adverbs of time / frequency

Adverbs of frequency

Always, usually, regularly, normally, often, sometimes, occasionally, rarely, seldom, never are adverbs of frequency.

The position of these adverbs is:

a) before the main verb (precede al verbo más importante de la oración, no al auxiliar)

Adverb of frequencyMain Verb
Ialwaysat 6.45.
Petercanusuallyfootball on Sundays.
Mandyhassometimeslots of homework.

b) after a form of to be am, are, is (was, were) (después del verbo ser/estar)

VerbAdverb of frequency

c) The adverbs often, usually, sometimes and occasionally can go at the beginning of a sentence. (estos adverbios pueden ir a comienzo de la oración)

Sometimes I go swimming.
Often we surf the internet.
Sometimes I read in bed.

d) Sometimes these adverbs are also put at the end of the sentence. (estos adverbios a veces también van al final de la oración)
We read books occasionally.
I eat chocolate sometimes.

Now do these two exercises in the following page:


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